Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to be Unique By Full Lace Wigs in 2012

Brown straight hair, straight black hair, linen pear, long black volume, Brown Large, corn hot. . .Do not think this is what the barber shop services, but a lot of wig enthusiasts collection carefully.Editors to introduce a woman, she is not the moment to full lace wigs transform the shape model, nor is false the meaning sellers, just an ordinary white-collar workers. The lady likes the wig is completely wear it every time, whether it is from a hair piece or to the whole wig can give yourself a big surprise."Actually I was not the beauty of the women, only lazy one." The wig enthusiasts it is humility that makes her amazing wig styling, but it is this lazy.She had had a long hair, but once hot, dyed hair is not very good. So the first feature is the wig to protect her head fragile real hair.The wig lovers, said: "since full lace wigs with baby hair college, I'll try a wig when popular full lace wigs ,especially the celebrity,and to the barber shop to do hair style is more expensive, I bought a full lace wig, I did not think the results were great.then I began to try wear other different kinds of vogue wigs. sometimes the morning, too lazy to wash your hair, wearing a wigs is perfect!Now, there always has a full lace human hair wig in the bag of silk top full lace wigs this wig lovers to prepare for contingencies.At work, my hair style is very simple, but sometimes need to attend a number of ‘special occasions' such as participate in the activities of street shooting, or attending some friends's parties, I would have the cheek to take advantage of the lunch break to go to the bathroom, change clothes ,and the most important is to wear full lace human hair wigs  the whole person completely changed. I'm sure my colleague, no one would recognize me.National wind clothes with corn hot wigs more appropriate; Europe and the United States or Japanese clothes will have with pear head wigs; curly wigs are more suitable for leisure Korea clothing… if you can dress up from head to toe, you will be amazed by your new style.

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